Giv’4U, in partnership with Cash Systems Industry, leading Company in the field of POS, is a solution for customer loyalty divided in 4 aspects which once grouped allowing you to boost your points of sales and increase your turnover.

In detail

Customer loyalty by offering them earn points or pads to reward.


By offering personalized offers to each client energize you and your points of sales.

Real-time viewing and analyzing the impact of your offers.

Booking a table

Your restaurant?

Suggest to your customers viewing your card and booking their table directly from home or work

(Development in progress)


Manage your customers

At any time you can view and you realize that the average ticket and the attendance of your customers loyalty always gradualy increase.

Some key figures:

  • By decreasing customer churn of only 5%, your company can improve its net profits between 25 and 85% depending on the case (Bain)
  • Customer loyalty programs sponsored at least one person, and 42% four or more (Granbury Restaurants Solutions)
  • The following companies and invest in customer loyalty has a growth rate higher than the average of their profession and are 60% more profitable.
  • Loyal customers can represent more than half of your sales.
  • An average company loses between 20 and 40% of its customers each year (the twelve laws of Loyalty)
  • The most loyal customers of a business contribute 60% ​​of total sales of the company (Center for Retail Management at Northwestern University)
  • Increasing customer loyalty than 1% is equivalent to the cost reduction of 10% (Bain)

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